Snowmobile Terrain

Chatter Creek’s snowmobile terrain extends over 238 square kilometers (58,000 acres) and consists of trees, old burns, wide-open alpine areas, and glaciers.

Our Vertebrae Glacier can generally be accessed on groomed snow roads. The views of Bent Rock, Apex Icefield and Mt. Columbia are amazing! On a beautiful day, the Vertebrae Glacier brings new meaning to the “mountain high” experience!

Most of Chatter Creek’s mountain riding terrain is between 1500m and 2900m (4900′ and 9500′) above sea level. This higher elevation ensures that the temperatures remain colder, the snow stays light and drier even late in April. You get the snow you want and lots of it!

Terrain Facts:

  • Over 150 kilometers of active snow roads
  • 3+ meters of settled snow on average

We strongly recommend that you hire one of our certified and knowledgeable guides. The guides at Chatter Creek choose where to take guests based upon current avalanche hazard, weather conditions and the ability of the group. For more information on safety, check out our logistics page.



Dec 29, 2016 Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions

Happy New Years to all!
A lot of new in the past week. Conditions are excellent but we everyone needs to stay careful.