Flying Snowmobile?!

Flying snowmobile?!

Flying snowmobile? Extreme sport of parasledding showcased in British Columbia

Eric Oddy soars over virgin powder in episode of new film, ‘Days of My Youth’

Parasledding photo a screen shot

The new extreme sport of parasledding is not expected to become the latest craze among ordinary people or even wannabe thrill seekers, which is good.

For starters, you need a snowmobile and a parachute to participate, and most people are intelligent enough to know that snowmobiles are supposed to stay on or at least close to the snow.

But when Eric Oddy launches his “flying snowmobile,” after very careful planning, he makes it look graceful and easy. The accompanying footage, captured in British Columbia, is a clip from the ski film “Days of My Youth,” due to be released by Red Bull Media House and MSP Films next fall.

Various short episodes are being released sporadically and the clip showing Oddy soaring over B.C.’s virgin snow was released Thursday.

As viewers can see, Oddy was accompanied by a helicopter crew and a ground team on snowmobiles, just in case anything went wrong.

Fun Times!


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