Chatter Creek: Real Snowmobiling

Chatter Creek Snowmobiling is excited to announce we will be open for the 2023 season. We are happy to offer accommodation to snowmobilers who wish to come and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains after our snowcat skiing season ends. This season, we open our doors on April 6, 2023, and close on April 24, 2023.


For weather and avalanche information, see our suggested forecasts and visit the Avalanche Canada website.


On your first day, check-in at the lodge between 3pm and 5pm MDT. You will be welcomed with a snack, followed by a gourmet dinner. The next morning, a delicious breakfast will be ready for you as well as a packed lunch. Each booked night includes snacks and dinner on the arrival day, breakfast and lunch the next day. Please note that lunch is not included on arrival day.

Guided Trips:

Our experienced and certified guides can lead you around the big hazards and into new areas, these tours are amazing. Half-Day and Full-Day trips are available for $450 and $750, respectively, with a maximum group size of 6 sledders.  Space is limited and pre-booking is strongly recommended. Please contact the Chatter Creek office to reserve your spot.

All other activities are self-guided. See our Logistics page for more information.

For info on our cat skiing operation, please visit



Dec 29, 2016 Golden BC Snowmobile Conditions

Happy New Years to all!
A lot of new in the past week. Conditions are excellent but we everyone needs to stay careful.